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Posted by Our Heritage Revisited on Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Tuesday 26 December 2017

Vyas Gaddi at Naimisharanya near Lucknow

An important site in Naimisharanya is Vyas Gaddi - the seat of Ved Vyas or Krishna Dwapayan (in the present yug). It was at this spot that the words of Brahma ji, as heard by various rishis, were compiled into the four Veds by Ved Vyas. He also composed the 18 Mahapurans and the Mahabharat.

Next to this is the temple where Satyanarayanji ki katha was said for the first time and where the 88000 rishis (Shaunakadi - Shaunak etc.) performed the yagyas. The havan kund is very big and is asthkond - a big centre with eight petals.
Entrance to the Vyas Gaddi
Vyas Gaddi Taposthan 

Puja at Vyas Gaddi.
The Sam Ved was narrated by Vyas ji to his disciple Jaimini under a banyan tree. The Banyan tree seen here is over 5000 years old. All the Purans were also narrated here by Sut ji, the disciple of Ved Vyas to Shaunak etc. (Temple dedicated to Sut ji is at a small distance away).
5000 plus year old Banyan tree. Ved Vyas used to sit here. 
The Sam Ved was taught here to Jaimini by Vyas ji.

Swayambhu Manu and Satrupa performed tapsaya for 23000 years here to ask for the boon of a son like Narayan. And it was here that Narayan gave them darshan and promised them that he would be born as their own son - the temple here is calm and peaceful. And so took place the birth of Ramchandraji as the son of Dasrath and Kaushalya.
In the same premises is also a temple with all the 12 jyotirlings.
Entrance to the Manu / Satrupa temple which is on the right. 
The 12 jyotirlings are on the left.

At the Swaran Khamb mandir of Sri Vishnu (Devaraj Swamy), every mango tree is believed to have sprouted out of each Rishi samadhi. That is the reason that we use mango leaf to add ghee into hawan, as only rishi is qualified to offer anything into hawan, mango leaf is as sacred as our ancient rishi.
Another important Mandir in Naimisharanya is that of Lalita Devi. When Shiv ji carried the body of Sati, one of the body parts fell here. Some distance away is Hanuman Gadhi - the spot were Hnauman brought out Ram and Lakshman from paatal after defeating Ahiravan, Ravan's younger brother.
This is post three on Naimisharanya. The final one will be on Hanumangarhi and on Mishrik / Dadichi.

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